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Learning how to make decisions, interact with others and use your strengths. Feel empowered to be you. Learn what makes you special and how your differences can bring you closer to others.

What it’s like to work with Lauryl

I was incredibly grateful and relieved to read through my human design. It explained so much to me for how I have made decisions that have been on my right path and why some have not. It explained so much of how I can make my choices based on the best way to receive the direction for ME. Too often I would “think” through decisions instead of listening more to my own intuition which is better for my human design.

Anyone that is looking to have a better insight into themselves and how it would benefit them in the future needs to learn their Human Design. Lauryl took the time necessary to do a full design for me and I am still learning more about myself with each reading.
I would highly recommend getting your personal Human Design Chart and Lauryl as the person to do it.
Thank you again Lauryl! ~Kirstin

What people are saying

I love the human design chart that Lauryl did for me. It's been very useful in my relationships, career, and general interactions with others. I've learned so much that contributes greatly to my overall well-being. Understanding how I interact with the world around me has created a new sense of patience and wonder as I take things in daily.

Lauryl is very good at explaining what each piece of the chart means. More importantly she knows how to deliver the information in a way that is easy to accept and fully understand. She cares deeply about her craft and it comes thru in the explanations and discussion around your chart.

Human Design Chart


Receive a unique chart all about your human design and how to start using this information. You will be asked to provide your exact time date and place of birth. If you are having trouble with the exact time please contact me prior to purchasing.

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Book a One on One session with Lauryl


Deep dive into your chart, or explore your relationship style. Strategize your career goals. Learn to use your human design on a day to day basis. You may also want to learn about your family’s charts please contact Lauryl prior to session so that she can prepare for any additional charts to be discussed. This is a one hour appointment.

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